सिका छ ,सीकावा छ, सीके राज घडवा छ,सीको गोरमाटी सिकलो रा, सिक सिक राज पथ चढलो रा,सीके वाळो सिक पर लेल सेवारो रूप रा.---Dr.Chavan Pandit


Thursday, October 23, 2008


One christian missionary claims to convert a big % of lambadi poputation into christian by year 2020, this way our culture will be extinct into the pages of history like the egyptians !Presently there are more than 30,000 converted christian lambadi in Andhra Pradesh alone, Organizations like the Vishwa Hindu Parishat are helping reconvert the converted christians of india back to hindu, but it hasnt reached the Lambadi population yet,effectively.Most of the east Indian state like arunachal pradesh, mizoram, tripura are all converted into christians 95% by population by 1980, now they are claiming the indian government for a seperate country because hinduism is minority in these state.So PLEASE help me Stop this religious conversion(specially among the poor lured by money for religious conversion) in our country sowing the seeds of HATEREDNESS by these foreigners,amongst we citizens.PLEASE LETS ACT ELSE IT'LL BE TOO LATE !
is no one bothered ,
just look at the small article from andhra jyothi ( a local news paper)http://www.crusadewatch.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=729&Itemid=38

Ek Gormati

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