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Friday, April 10, 2009



I am introducing myself here first.My name is Krishna Daravathu working as Electrical Engineer in APTRANSCO(Andhra Pradesh).

I am here introducing and sharing my view on BANJARA HELP LINE.
1) To help tribal people those who are in real need
2) To help for high quality education to our community students those who are in education (ex. 60 students per year) by forming one concept school(long term plan).

Now a days to help our community, we should have financial support.But our people not ready to put support even for Rs.1000.00 for our community.Why because there is so many doubts on people those who r organizing the system.For that reason i have one Remedy,
if u pay attention towards my ideas for 2 minutes u can understand the thing,
in our community so many well established professionals are there like IAS/IPS/Doctors/Engineers/Business... those who r INCOME TAX PAYERS. They r having 1 lakh rupee as tax exemption per year.(this year may raised to 1.5 lakh).
So you people are saving your money some where like INSURANCE for you and your family sake. I know u most of the people are saving ur money in Bajaj Alianz, Birla Sun Life, Aviva,TATA AIG, Max New york, SBI insurance companies.

So,You are saving your money through some agent(adviser). Let us say if u save Rs.10000.00 in some insurance company, that concerned agent will get unto 20% on your yearly premium approximately Rs.2000.00.Those agents are enjoying Our Tribal Peoples Money,
WHY WE SHOULD GIVE OUR COMMUNITY PEOPLE'S MONEY TO OTHERS,why should they enjoy our money,think for 2 seconds...
If u save your money through banjara help line (treat this as Agent) ,the total commissions will come to Help Line from insurance companies. you people will help our community indirectly. Our Minds will not allow to help our community directly.

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