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Saturday, December 19, 2009


 Dear Friends, I have a thought here. Let me know your views about it.

Is there any organization or NGO kind of thing working on the problems in our thandaas in AP.
If there are already existing organizations, do post in the community.
We can extend our help to those organizations voluntarily.

If no such organization is existing on these lines why not form an NGO and work for our thandas. Why to wait for government to come and solve our problems?

Let us come together with a youth organization in AP. We can start the work with 2-3 districts where our banjara population is more. Like Mahabubnagar, Warangal, Khammam etc. All the graduates and post graduates can contribute to this. We shall not restrict to this online forum alone. We shall go into our people and work.

I am just posting crude ideas, we need to work on it and refine them.
Our objective would be to:

1. Improve education in our thandas. Councelling and oppotunities etc
2. Creating awareness about the benefits of education. Not just job oriented but many more.
3. Creating self emlployment in our thandaas which is absent now on the lines of self help groups for women and also some model can be worked out for men.
4. Creating awareness about better agricultural practices which are now absent in our thandas.
5. Cultivating the habit of weekly or monthly reviews on the projects undertaken in thandas.

There are many examples of village transformations. Let us also take inspiration and work towards better thandas and if we show some genuine interest in this regard, we can definitely make our thandas self sufficient.

We shall have a meeting to discuss on these issues. Give me your responses. 

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