सिका छ ,सीकावा छ, सीके राज घडवा छ,सीको गोरमाटी सिकलो रा, सिक सिक राज पथ चढलो रा,सीके वाळो सिक पर लेल सेवारो रूप रा.---Dr.Chavan Pandit


Friday, February 5, 2010

Proude of goar banjara

Ddear friends do u know? banj means trade & go means cow & ra.. means feeds,
group of people who do trade on oxes called goar banjara............,
goar civilisation found before indus civilisation & in indus civilisation a signature of 394 word found it might be goar script research is going on.......
under british rule goar banjara termed as crime tribe & because of that only name
S.T might have come.
bhagya nagar (hyderabad) bhagyavati is name of tribe girl (goar banjara chori.....l)
to whom muslim king married , because of that only bhagya nagar name come


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