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Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Banjara Language Script has been prepared

"The First Tribal Script in Banjara Language has been prepared"

HYDERABAD, August 4, 2008: The Lambada Hakkula Porata Samiti and Jagathi Mahila Mandal on Sunday demanded that the state government fulfil its promise of setting up a special academy for development of tribal language.

This promise was made by the then minister for school education, N Rajyalakshmi, in 2004. She had promised that the academy would be set up with headquarters at Hyderabad and it would work to encourage tribal students to go to school. But since then there has not been much progress.

The tribals in Telangana have the capacity to tilt the balance of at least 45-50 assembly seats in the elections, according the Lamabada Hakkula Porta Samiti president Banoth Rukmini Naik. She said the samithi would meet the leaders of all political parties including Chiranjeevi after he launched his party, and urge them to support their cause.

Talking to TOI, she said there are 33 tribes and none of them has a script of their own and this is causing difficulties in coping up with the education. As a result, majority of them drop out at the primary level.

But now following a consistent effort for almost three decades, the first tribal script in Banjara language has been prepared with the help of English alphabets by Chilkuri Amar Varaprasad who is himself a Banjara. This script was examined by several experts from various universities and had been approved by experts, she added.

The reason for developing the script in English, she said was because Banjaras were spread across the country and this book would help all the Banjaras.

The script would have 50 letters including vowels and consonants. She said that the state government had allocated seven per cent of the budget for the backward classes for the tribals, and if it can open exclusive schools for tribals in the Telangana districts where the maximum number of tribals in the state belong to, it would help thousands of tribal students who were otherwise languishing. (With thanks from "Times of India")


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done..We r full supportive

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