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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lets Join hands to show Banjara

RAM RAM goar bhayiyo n bhehno,
Give me chance to introduce first,Im srihari prasad naik working as software engineer ,Pune.Im a native of Palvancha ,Khammam(Dist),A.P. I've started working on our community long back.Orkut has given me an opurtunity to talk to u all dis way for which im very much thank full to orkut team.Im working on to create a site of our communtity which tells about our heritage n culture,our issues,about our organization ,social activities(An idea) n much more.Probably it takes another couple of months to get the site on live.Apart from dis im gathering the info of our people directly goin to them ,talkin to them knowing their problems ,Doing needful to them,giving suggestions if required.
My request is to unite ,we can give this work more life, if join together.Solve the problems of needy of our community in well organized fashion.
My Important conern:
its nice to see u all.But im unhappy to say and see our guyz are more inclined towards making pals for them selves.Atleast they could show half of the interest on our community which they r showing on getting pals.No porbs , i think there r so many reasons for dis.the reasons may be:
.. we r not serious about our community.
..Lack of understanding or ignorance about our community.
..People don't have time to bother about this.
..they may be in a helpless situation eventhough they have time.
n may be many..
but guyz let me tell u, im very much serious about it. its for a cause ..for our integrity,so lets join the hands to show them(Banjaras) ..we r there for them.

Shrihari Naik


shivram jadav said...

hi srihari....nice 2 hear 4m u...i am shivram jadav and iam also from khammam.finished my masters and joined wipro recently.....

so i extend my frienship hand towards u.....

raj said...

my self iam k rajesh naik pursuing mca 2nd year in nit raipur.iam from anantapur (A.P).

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