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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Keep in touch with Gormati Friend contact Sheet

Hi Goar friends,
There is very hot issue going on our community that we dont know much of the gormati people, and people are very exciting to know each other. Moreover in this competitive world we have to know each other to help each other. Let me tell you about myself, I live in gormati society in mulund (w) BANJARA HILLS, you might have heard that.........let it be..........my gang is full of gormati boys, we celebrate each n every function together like TEEJ, GANESHOTSAV, HOLI, DIWALI, 31ST DECEMBER. We are together because of our father, who came together and thought of such beautiful thing, and they made this dream into reality.....now its our responsibility to keep in touch with everybody.....go to each and every function of gormati, but todays generation avoid to do that, they feel boring over there.....if we keep in touch with all through orkut(google) then also its fine, because everytime its not possible to meet everybody due to time constraint.......there are various hidden advantages to keep in touch each other, in our community many of us reached at well established stage.....so through this we can help our people in this competitive world. i've created one google spreadsheet where you can enter you information and in future if you want any help regarding job or anything you can contact concern person of our community, this sheet is for our community reference only on below link
Contact Refrence Spreadsheet....
Ravindra Rathod

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