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Monday, June 29, 2009

National Banjara Doctors conference held at Thane was a Grand Success

Recently held National Seva Doctor’s Association’s(NSDA) second annual conference at thane was attended by huge number of banjara doctors,their families and relatives. More than 400 doctors from various states had registered for the conference. Maharashtra Food & Drugs Administration minister Mr.Manohar Naik,Ex-MP Shri Haribhau Rathod and many banjara intellectuals attended the conference.

(L-R)Dr.S B Chavan,Hon.Minister Shri Manohar Naik,Shri.Haribhau Rathod,Dr.Charan Jadhav(National Vice-President NSDA))
Banjara Bhushan Award was given to Dr. S.B.Chavan for his contribution in healthcare sector. He has retired as Director of Health Services, Maharashtra State.
Banjara Gaurav Awards were given to Pratik Rathod for achievement in sports field, Dr.Sandeep Rathod for achievement in Civil Services Exam and to Mr.Shankar Pawar for his Social work .
NSDA is a start of new Dawn in Banjara History, it showed that we care about our community. NSDA has decided to give scholarship to poor capable students who can not afford the costly medical education. NSDA Thane-Mumbai Branch has adopted a banjara locality in thane and has promised to hold monthly free medical check-up(free medicine distribution) camps at the locality and other localities in and around Mumbai-Thane. NSDA has also given the cheque of 21000/- Rs to the family of a doctor from Virar who had died at early age leaving behind wife and 2 small kids.
The Credit of this success of conference goes to Oraganising President Dr.Charan Jadhav and his team who have worked very hard to make this conference a big success.And they have got the right reward in return.Dr.Charan Jadhav has been appointed as National Vice-President of NSDA and many of his committee members have been inducted in National Core Committee of NSDA.
I think the matrimonial section at the Conference was also a major crowd puller. It is necessary as it will help us in having Roti-Beti Vyavhar between various states so that the problem of Rathod’s could also be solved to some extent.Border districts of various states have Roti-Beti Vyavhar but it is limited.
It has been decided that the National Level Conference will be held at any state’s capital and state level conferences will be held in respective states.I liked the practice of giving the sole organizing rights to the committee from the place where the conference is to be held which helps in bonding the doctors.This year the majority of the doctors were from Maharashtra,Next year the conference is going to be held at Hyderabad so I think Next year there will be these doctors from Maharashtra and hundreds of doctors from Andhra Pradesh and from many other parts of the country.
It felt nice to hear the emotional speeches of the NSDA committee doctors, we may think that we are different as we are from different states but when we meet we all are one….same in all aspects, it feels great…..We have our own language and culture which brings us closer…
Just at the 2nd conference the progress NSDA has made is commendable,but more work needs to be done at organizational level, It should not remain as a yearly gathering some concrete steps should be taken we are already too late our community needs us.Doctors have a very special role in society and they can bring a lot of change.Addictions to alcohol, smoking etc are menace to our community, doctors can design some standard Vyasan Mukti(Rehabilitation) programs and if every doctor gives some time for his/her tanda this problem could be solved it will take time but we can do that.
You may have great will to do something but nothing can be done without money,previously you might have the will but don’t know what to do.Now we have a channel of people who have genuine concern for our community,who will not misuse your money.Those who are well off(whether doctors or non-doctors) need to donate generously, if you cant give your time.you can give money
To view more pics of NSDA Visit http://picasaweb.google.com/pawarvinod1
Jai Sevalal Jai Hind

Vinod Pawar.

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