सिका छ ,सीकावा छ, सीके राज घडवा छ,सीको गोरमाटी सिकलो रा, सिक सिक राज पथ चढलो रा,सीके वाळो सिक पर लेल सेवारो रूप रा.---Dr.Chavan Pandit


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Banjara Mirror Embroidery

The institution is working with "Lambanies", elsewhere known as "Banjaras", who originally came from Marwar. The 'Lambani' women wear very colourful dresses and ornaments that are quite unique and striking. The lambani women practice a unique mirror and embroidery craft, which they mostly use for making their own traditional dresses.
Reflection in clothThe traditional costume of the Lambadi woman glitters with small pieces of mirror, coins and costume jewellery. Using intricate methods of embroidery, these are affixed to cloth, which is made into dresses, bags, pillow cases, wall hangings, table mats etc.
Poetry with a needleA unique facet of the costume of the Lambadi woman is its elaborate embroidery. This is usually combined with mirror work to produce the glitter and colour that are integral parts of the Lambadi costume. Exquisite purses, dresses, bed spreads and wall hangings are made with intricate needlework. These articles come from the experienced and deft hands of traditional craft women.
It is the object of the Kendra to promote this skill of the Lambadi women not only to preserve this art but to be a means of supplementing their family income. Designs and facility are provided at the Kendra where the Lanbadi women from the near by villages come to the Kendra to practice their traditional crafts for production of various articles. They are paid on piece rate wages. They are also given Provident Fund, Bonus and subsidized ration benefit.
The Kendra is working with eight lambani villages. The information is furnished here below.

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